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A Guide To Keeping Your Caravans Secured
27 Jul 2018

A Guide To Keeping Your Caravans Secured

According to vehicle tracking specialists, there are 1600 to 4000 thefts of caravans each year. This figure does not include other threats to caravans such as vandalism, attempted theft, forced entry or theft of contents. 
As such, it is highly necessary for you to do anything but compromise the security of your luxurious vehicle. It is likely that you have invested a lot in your caravan and would not step back in investing a little more for its security. RU Caravan Storage in Bendigo has got you covered. With impeccable security and storage arrangements, we commit to provide you with all kinds of storage requirements. 
To keep you caravan secured, here are a few things you can do:
  • Windows and doors – Just like homes, the most vulnerable areas of caravans are windows and doors. Checking the security related to doors and windows of a caravan is easy. What you have to do is just look for their locks and maintenance. 
  • Alarms – An alarm should be useful in altering you about any obtrusive person trying to break in the caravan. The sound of an alarm will definitely make you aware or anyone within earshot.
  • Hitchlocks – A hitchlock works on a very simple principle of covering and locking the hitching device through which your caravan is hooked up to your car. If the hitchlock stays firmly in place, nobody will be able to tow your caravan away.
  • Tracking devices – Tracking devices have been known to recover stolen vehicles for the purpose of recovering them. The devices rely on GPS technology to track your caravan’s location.
  • Insurance – There is a close connection between the security and insurance of a caravan. Some measure should be taken in order to secure your caravan’s insurance validity. 
  • Storage – For some people, the season to hit the road with caravans stretches from spring to late autumn. Other times of the year, most people would park their caravans in the driveway of their homes. This is where they go wrong. Renting a caravan and winnebago storage can easily settle the issue. Some factors should be considered whilst choosing a storage, such as CCTV surveillance, 24/7 access to your vehicle, 24 hour security patrol, etc. 
A caravan is a precious possession of yours and many only dream of one. You have spent a considerable amount on it and would not want it to stolen or damaged. Therefore, taking necessary precautions for its security is your duty.
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