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Why Should You Choose To Store Your Caravan In A Storage Facility?

19 Apr 2018

Storing a caravan in home can be a bit problematic due to shortage of space. This can be a major problem especially with the neighbours. Even if you have space at home, there are several other reasons to consider that push you to hire a professional storage facility.

Why should you hire a storage facility?

There are different types of storage facilities. Each provides a number of potential to suit specific needs. There may be extensions and additional benefits in a caravan site with reinforced fences and built in compounds.

Just make sure that the storage facility is equipped with CCTV cameras to keep a check for 24 hours. Also, you need to think about whether you will be storing the tourer in open air or undercover. Some of the sites offer enhanced security with gadget locks to prevent unauthorised entry. Well, you do not have to worry about money as hiring reputed caravan storage facility in Bendigo is not much expensive.

Maintenance facility

Another cause of choosing a storage facility is, constant maintenance. When it comes to your joyful tourer, maintenance is an important factor. It is not about the aesthetic appeal but also the vehicular mechanism which should be considered.

What to look for in a facility?

  • Secured facility with security fencing
  • Single entry and exit point
  • Electronic controlled security gates
  • Individual key fobs
  • Enhanced alarming system with security lighting and 24-hour monitoring
  • Wide roads and entry points for easy manoeuvring
  • Service bay
  • Fire extinguishers

Additional factors to consider

Apart from security gadget locks make sure that the entry and exit points are also equipped with general lock and key system to allow access during electronic malfunction. Also, the keys must be kept in a safe place with the higher authority. It is common to have windows and rooflights. Thus, make sure that these are secured to prevent entry of birds and climatic damage. Do not leave your caravan with the handbrake on. This can cause break seizure in the long run. Before storing in the facility, make sure that you remove all the perishable foods and goods and leave the door of the refrigerator slightly open. This will prevent stinking and you may not have consider cleaning on your next trip.

Whatever storage facility you choose, do not forget to check the feedbacks and testimonials from existing clients.


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